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Ronan Lamy  committed 2c9d5c1

Add annotation SomeConstantType:

this is a SomePBC subclass that can be unified with SomeTypes.

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File rpython/annotator/binaryop.py

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 import py
 import operator
 from rpython.tool.pairtype import pair, pairtype
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomeObject, SomeInteger, SomeBool, s_Bool
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomeString, SomeChar, SomeList, SomeDict
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomeUnicodeCodePoint, SomeUnicodeString
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomeTuple, SomeImpossibleValue, s_ImpossibleValue
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomeInstance, SomeBuiltin, SomeIterator
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomePBC, SomeFloat, s_None, SomeByteArray
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomeWeakRef
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomeAddress, SomeTypedAddressAccess
-from rpython.annotator.model import SomeSingleFloat, SomeLongFloat, SomeType
-from rpython.annotator.model import unionof, UnionError, missing_operation
-from rpython.annotator.model import read_can_only_throw
-from rpython.annotator.model import add_knowntypedata, merge_knowntypedata
+from rpython.annotator.model import (
+    SomeObject, SomeInteger, SomeBool, s_Bool, SomeString, SomeChar, SomeList,
+    SomeDict, SomeUnicodeCodePoint, SomeUnicodeString, SomeTuple,
+    SomeImpossibleValue, s_ImpossibleValue, SomeInstance, SomeBuiltin,
+    SomeIterator, SomePBC, SomeFloat, s_None, SomeByteArray, SomeWeakRef,
+    SomeAddress, SomeTypedAddressAccess, SomeSingleFloat, SomeLongFloat,
+    SomeType, SomeConstantType, unionof, UnionError, missing_operation,
+    read_can_only_throw, add_knowntypedata, merge_knowntypedata,)
 from rpython.annotator.bookkeeper import getbookkeeper
 from rpython.flowspace.model import Variable, Constant
 from rpython.rlib import rarithmetic
     getitem_key = getitem_idx_key
-class __extend__(pairtype(SomeType, SomeType)):
+class __extend__(pairtype(SomeType, SomeType),
+                 pairtype(SomeType, SomeConstantType),
+                 pairtype(SomeConstantType, SomeType),):
     def union((obj1, obj2)):
         result = SomeType()

File rpython/annotator/bookkeeper.py

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     SomeBuiltin, SomePBC, SomeInteger, TLS, SomeAddress, SomeUnicodeCodePoint,
     s_None, s_ImpossibleValue, SomeLLADTMeth, SomeBool, SomeTuple,
     SomeImpossibleValue, SomeUnicodeString, SomeList, HarmlesslyBlocked,
-    SomeWeakRef, lltype_to_annotation, SomeType, SomeByteArray)
+    SomeWeakRef, lltype_to_annotation, SomeType, SomeByteArray, SomeConstantType)
 from rpython.annotator.classdef import InstanceSource, ClassDef
 from rpython.annotator.listdef import ListDef, ListItem
 from rpython.annotator.dictdef import DictDef
         elif isinstance(x, llmemory.fakeaddress):
             result = SomeAddress()
         elif tp is type:
-            if (x is type(None) or      # add cases here if needed
-                x.__module__ == 'rpython.rtyper.lltypesystem.lltype'):
-                result = SomeType()
-            else:
-                result = SomePBC([self.getdesc(x)])
+            result = SomeConstantType(x, self)
         elif callable(x):
             if hasattr(x, 'im_self') and hasattr(x, 'im_func'):
                 # on top of PyPy, for cases like 'l.append' where 'l' is a

File rpython/annotator/model.py

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             return kt.__name__
+class SomeConstantType(SomePBC):
+    can_be_None = False
+    subset_of = None
+    def __init__(self, x, bk):
+        self.descriptions = set([bk.getdesc(x)])
+        self.knowntype = type(x)
+        self.const = x
 class SomeBuiltin(SomeObject):
     "Stands for a built-in function or method with special-cased analysis."