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skip hanging SIGINT test on windows

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  1. Brian Kearns

    if you're running the tests on pypy/module/pypy by hand, you can know they fail with a lock, so you can interrupt them/selectively run tests you want.

    if it's running in the buildbot, it will timeout and be killed. tests will continue on other directories.

    so given these two cases i don't see any reason to go around skipping tests that timeout. additionally, this skip is applied to cases where the test was passing, which seems even more odd/careless.

  2. Brian Kearns

    if you care enough about seeing results for the dir in the buildbot without fixing the issue locking this test, the proper thing seems to be to improve the test so that it times itself out, not to apply a general skip to this test, something easily forgotten.

Files changed (1)

File pypy/module/__pypy__/test/

     def test_enable_signals(self):
+        import sys
+        if sys.platform.startswith('win'):
+            skip('signals not operable on windows')
         import __pypy__, thread, signal, time
         def subthread():