Armin Rigo committed 352c78d

Manual transplant of the code fixes from 2b1c8d8458ad

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     r, g, b ="short *"),"short *"),"short *")
     if lib.color_content(color, r, g, b) == lib.ERR:
         raise error("Argument 1 was out of range. Check value of COLORS.")
-    return (r, g, b)
+    return (r[0], g[0], b[0])
 def color_pair(n):
         term = ffi.NULL
     err ="int *")
     if lib.setupterm(term, fd, err) == lib.ERR:
+        err = err[0]
         if err == 0:
             raise error("setupterm: could not find terminal")
         elif err == -1: