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(lac, antocuni) put the pypy dir in front of sys.path, to be sure that "import pypy" really finds the current package (and not, e.g., another pypy which is in PYTHONPATH)

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 .. _`downloading them from the download page`:
-If you choose to use mercurial,
-first make sure you have ``subversion`` installed.
 You must issue the following command on your
 command line, DOS box, or terminal::
     hg clone pypy
-If you get an error like this::
-    abort: repository [svn] not found!
-it probably means that your mercurial version is too old. You need at least
-Mercurial 1.6 to clone the PyPy repository.
 This will clone the repository and place it into a directory
 named ``pypy``, and will get you the PyPy source in
 ``pypy/pypy`` and documentation files in ``pypy/pypy/doc``.


 def setup(app):
     import sys, os
-    sys.path.append(os.path.abspath("../../"))
+    sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath("../../"))
     from pypy.config import makerestdoc
     import py
     role = makerestdoc.register_config_role(py.path.local())
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