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unicode.join uses listview_unicode

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         w_l.getitems = None
         assert space.str_w(space.call_method(space.wrap("c"), "join", w_l)) == "acb"
+    def test_unicode_join_uses_listview_unicode(self):
+        space =
+        w_l =['a'),'b')])
+        w_l.getitems = None
+        assert space.unicode_w(space.call_method(space.wrap(u"c"), "join", w_l)) == u"acb"
     def test_string_join_returns_same_instance(self):
         space =
         w_text = space.wrap("text")


     return space.newbool(container.find(item) != -1)
 def unicode_join__Unicode_ANY(space, w_self, w_list):
+    l = space.listview_unicode(w_list)
+    if l is not None:
+        if len(l) == 1:
+            return space.wrap(l[0])
+        return space.wrap(w_self._value.join(l))
     list_w = space.listview(w_list)
     size = len(list_w)
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