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iport test_fficall for arm

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File rpython/jit/backend/arm/test/

+import py
+from rpython.jit.metainterp.test import test_fficall
+from import JitARMMixin
+class TestFfiCall(JitARMMixin, test_fficall.FfiCallTests):
+    # for the individual tests see
+    # ====> ../../../metainterp/test/
+    def _add_libffi_types_to_ll2types_maybe(self):
+        # this is needed by test_guard_not_forced_fails, because it produces a
+        # loop which reads the value of types.* in a variable, then a guard
+        # fail and we switch to blackhole: the problem is that at this point
+        # the blackhole interp has a real integer, but it needs to convert it
+        # back to a lltype pointer (which is handled by ll2ctypes, deeply in
+        # the logic). The workaround is to teach ll2ctypes in advance which
+        # are the addresses of the various types.* structures.
+        # Try to comment this code out and run the test to see how it fails :)
+        from rpython.rtyper.lltypesystem import rffi, lltype, ll2ctypes
+        from rpython.rlib.jit_libffi import types
+        for key, value in types.__dict__.iteritems():
+            if isinstance(value, lltype._ptr):
+                addr = rffi.cast(lltype.Signed, value)
+                ll2ctypes._int2obj[addr] = value