Armin Rigo  committed 40390dc

issue1453 in-progress: fix one particular bug I hit when debugging
it. As usual with threads, hard to test.

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File pypy/module/thread/

     def signals_enabled(self):
         ec = self.getvalue()
-        return ec._signals_enabled
+        return ec is not None and ec._signals_enabled
     def enable_signals(self, space):
         ec = self.getvalue()
     def leave_thread(self, space):
         "Notification that the current thread is about to stop."
         from pypy.module.thread.os_local import thread_is_stopping
-        try:
-            thread_is_stopping(self.getvalue())
-        finally:
-            self.setvalue(None)
+        ec = self.getvalue()
+        if ec is not None:
+            try:
+                thread_is_stopping(ec)
+            finally:
+                self.setvalue(None)
     def reinit_threads(self, space):
         "Called in the child process after a fork()"