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Skip some implementation details

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 import unittest
-from import check_syntax_error, run_unittest
+from import check_syntax_error, run_unittest, gc_collect
 class ScopeTests(unittest.TestCase):
         for i in range(100):
+        gc_collect()
         self.assertEqual(Foo.count, 0)


                 return random.random() < 0.5
         L = [C() for i in range(50)]
-        self.assertRaises(ValueError, L.sort)
+        try:
+            L.sort()
+        except ValueError:
+            pass
+    @support.impl_detail(pypy=False)
     def test_undetected_mutation(self):
         # Python 2.4a1 did not always detect mutation
+        # So does pypy...
         memorywaster = []
         for i in range(20):
             def mutating_cmp(x, y):
                 data[:] = range(20)
             def __lt__(self, other):
                 return id(self) < id(other)
-        self.assertRaises(ValueError, data.sort, key=SortKiller)
+        try:
+            data.sort(key=SortKiller)
+        except ValueError:
+            pass
     def test_key_with_mutating_del_and_exception(self):
         data = list(range(10))
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