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File _pytest/

-__version__ = '2.1.0.dev4'
+__version__ = '2.2.4.dev2'

File _pytest/assertion/

 support for presenting detailed information in failing assertions.
 import py
-import imp
-import marshal
-import struct
 import sys
 import pytest
 from _pytest.monkeypatch import monkeypatch
-from _pytest.assertion import reinterpret, util
-    from _pytest.assertion.rewrite import rewrite_asserts
-except ImportError:
-    rewrite_asserts = None
-    import ast
+from _pytest.assertion import util
 def pytest_addoption(parser):
     group = parser.getgroup("debugconfig")
-    group.addoption('--assertmode', action="store", dest="assertmode",
-                    choices=("on", "old", "off", "default"), default="default",
-                    metavar="on|old|off",
+    group.addoption('--assert', action="store", dest="assertmode",
+                    choices=("rewrite", "reinterp", "plain",),
+                    default="rewrite", metavar="MODE",
                     help="""control assertion debugging tools.
-'off' performs no assertion debugging.
-'old' reinterprets the expressions in asserts to glean information.
-'on' (the default) rewrites the assert statements in test modules to provide
-sub-expression results.""")
+'plain' performs no assertion debugging.
+'reinterp' reinterprets assert statements after they failed to provide assertion expression information.
+'rewrite' (the default) rewrites assert statements in test modules on import
+to provide assert expression information. """)
     group.addoption('--no-assert', action="store_true", default=False,
-        dest="noassert", help="DEPRECATED equivalent to --assertmode=off")
+        dest="noassert", help="DEPRECATED equivalent to --assert=plain")
     group.addoption('--nomagic', action="store_true", default=False,
-        dest="nomagic", help="DEPRECATED equivalent to --assertmode=off")
+        dest="nomagic", help="DEPRECATED equivalent to --assert=plain")
 class AssertionState:
     """State for the assertion plugin."""
         self.trace = config.trace.root.get("assertion")
 def pytest_configure(config):
-    warn_about_missing_assertion()
     mode = config.getvalue("assertmode")
     if config.getvalue("noassert") or config.getvalue("nomagic"):
-        if mode not in ("off", "default"):
-            raise pytest.UsageError("assertion options conflict")
-        mode = "off"
-    elif mode == "default":
-        mode = "on"
-    if mode != "off":
-        def callbinrepr(op, left, right):
-            hook_result = config.hook.pytest_assertrepr_compare(
-                config=config, op=op, left=left, right=right)