Brian Kearns  committed 443d0b5

replace some obsolete use of time with rctime

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File pypy/module/fcntl/test/

 class AppTestFcntl:
-    spaceconfig = dict(usemodules=('fcntl', 'array', 'struct', 'termios', 'select', 'time'))
+    spaceconfig = dict(usemodules=('fcntl', 'array', 'struct', 'termios', 'select', 'rctime'))
     def setup_class(cls):
         tmpprefix = str(udir.ensure('test_fcntl', dir=1).join('tmp_'))
         cls.w_tmp =

File pypy/module/imp/test/

 class AppTestMultithreadedImp(object):
-    spaceconfig = dict(usemodules=['thread', 'time'])
+    spaceconfig = dict(usemodules=['thread', 'rctime'])
     def setup_class(cls):
         #if not conftest.option.runappdirect:

File pypy/module/thread/test/

 class GenericTestThread:
-    spaceconfig = dict(usemodules=('thread', 'time', 'signal'))
+    spaceconfig = dict(usemodules=('thread', 'rctime', 'signal'))
     def setup_class(cls):
         if cls.runappdirect: