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the --nostrip and --without-tk options need to come before all positional arguments, fix the help

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File pypy/tool/release/

 It uses 'pypy/goal/pypy-c' and parts of the rest of the working
 copy.  Usage:
- root-pypy-dir [--nostrip] [--without-tk] [name-of-archive] [name-of-pypy-c] [destination-for-tarball] [pypy-c-path]
+ [--nostrip] [--without-tk] root-pypy-dir [name-of-archive] [name-of-pypy-c] [destination-for-tarball] [pypy-c-path]
 Usually you would do: ../../.. pypy-VER-PLATFORM
 The output is found in the directory /tmp/usession-YOURNAME/build/.