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File pypy/doc/windows.rst

 Translating PyPy with Visual Studio
-We routinely test the `RPython translation toolchain`_ using Visual Studio .NET
-2005, Professional Edition, and Visual Studio .NET 2008, Express
+We routinely test the `RPython translation toolchain`_ using 
+Visual Studio 2008, Express
 Edition.  Other configurations may work as well.
 The translation scripts will set up the appropriate environment variables

File pypy/module/cpyext/test/

 from pypy.module.cpyext.test.test_cpyext import AppTestCpythonExtensionBase
 class AppTestGetargs(AppTestCpythonExtensionBase):
-    def setup_method(self, func):
-        super(AppTestGetargs, self).setup_method(func)
-        self.w_import_parser =
-    def import_parser(self, implementation, argstyle='METH_VARARGS'):
+    def w_import_parser(self, implementation, argstyle='METH_VARARGS'):
         mod = self.import_extension(
             'modname', [('funcname', argstyle, implementation)])
-        return,"funcname"))
+        return mod.funcname
     def test_pyarg_parse_int(self):