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Ronny Pfannschmidt  committed 49fbd7e

update the docs wrt modified-stdlib removal

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File pypy/doc/coding-guide.rst

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     >>>> cPickle.__file__
-    >>>> import opcode
-    >>>> opcode.__file__
-    '/home/hpk/pypy-dist/lib-python/modified-2.7/opcode.py'
     >>>> import os
     >>>> os.__file__
     contains pure Python reimplementation of modules.
-    The files and tests that we have modified from the CPython library.
-    The unmodified CPython library. **Never ever check anything in there**.
+    The modified CPython library.
 .. _`modify modules`:
 by default and CPython has a number of places where it relies
 on some classes being old-style.
-If you want to change a module or test contained in ``lib-python/2.7``
-then make sure that you copy the file to our ``lib-python/modified-2.7``
-directory first.  In mercurial commandline terms this reads::
-    $ hg cp lib-python/2.7/somemodule.py lib-python/modified-2.7/
-and subsequently you edit and commit
-``lib-python/modified-2.7/somemodule.py``.  This copying operation is
-important because it keeps the original CPython tree clean and makes it
-obvious what we had to change.
+We just maintain those changes in place,
+to see what is changed we have a branch called `vendot/stdlib`
+wich contains the unmodified cpython stdlib
 .. _`mixed module mechanism`:
 .. _`mixed modules`:

File pypy/doc/getting-started-python.rst

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-   ./lib-python/modified-2.7
 The hierarchy shown above is relative to a PREFIX directory.  PREFIX is