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merge windows-packaging, which add the tcl/tk runtime to win32 for cpython compatability

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     incdirs = ['/usr/local/include/tcl8.5', '/usr/local/include/tk8.5', '/usr/X11R6/include']
     linklibs = ['tk85', 'tcl85']
     libdirs = ['/usr/local/lib', '/usr/X11R6/lib']
+elif sys.platform == 'win32':
+    incdirs = []
+    linklibs = ['tcl85', 'tk85']
+    libdirs = []
     linklibs=['tcl', 'tk']


 .. branch: numpy-newbyteorder
 Clean up numpy types, add newbyteorder functionality
+.. branch windows-packaging
+Package tk/tcl runtime with win32

 Then expand it into the base directory (base_dir) and modify your environment to reflect this::
-    set PATH=<base_dir>\bin;%PATH%
-    set INCLUDE=<base_dir>\include;%INCLUDE%
-    set LIB=<base_dir>\lib;%LIB%
+    set PATH=<base_dir>\bin;<base_dir>\tcltk\bin;%PATH%
+    set INCLUDE=<base_dir>\include;<base_dir>\tcltk\include;%INCLUDE%
+    set LIB=<base_dir>\lib;<base_dir>\tcltk\lib;%LIB%
-Now you should be good to go. Read on for more information.
+Now you should be good to go. Read on for more information. 
 The Boehm garbage collector
 The bz2 compression library
-Download and extract it in
-the base directory.  Then compile::
-    cd bzip2-1.0.5
+    svn export
+    cd bzip2-1.0.6
     nmake -f makefile.msc
+    copy bzip.dll <somewhere in the PATH>\bzip.dll
 The sqlite3 database library
 wrapper is compiled when the module is imported for the first time.
 The sqlite3.dll should be version 3.6.21 for CPython2.7 compatablility.
 The expat XML parser
 use the one distributed by ActiveState, or the one from cygwin.  In
 both case the perl interpreter must be found on the PATH.
-Get and extract it
-in the base directory. Then compile::
+    svn export
+    cd openssl-0.9.8y
     perl Configure VC-WIN32
     nmake -f ms\nt.mak install
+TkInter module support
+Note that much of this is taken from the cpython build process.
+Tkinter is imported via cffi, so the module is optional. To recreate the tcltk
+directory found for the release script, create the dlls, libs, headers and
+runtime by running::
+	svn export tcl85 
+	svn export tk85
+	cd tcl85\win 
+	nmake -f COMPILERFLAGS=-DWINVER=0x0500 DEBUG=0 INSTALLDIR=..\..\tcltk clean all 
+	nmake -f DEBUG=0 INSTALLDIR=..\..\tcltk install
+	cd ..\..\tk85\win 
+	nmake -f COMPILERFLAGS=-DWINVER=0x0500 OPTS=noxp DEBUG=1 INSTALLDIR=..\..\tcltk TCLDIR=..\..\tcl85 clean all 
+	nmake -f COMPILERFLAGS=-DWINVER=0x0500 OPTS=noxp DEBUG=1 INSTALLDIR=..\..\tcltk TCLDIR=..\..\tcl85 install
+Now you should have a tcktk\bin, tcltk\lib, and tcltk\include directory ready
+for use. The release packaging script will pick up the tcltk runtime in the lib
+directory and put it in the archive.
 Using the mingw compiler


             raise PyPyCNotFound(
                 'Bogus path: %r does not exist (see docstring for more info)'
                 % (os.path.dirname(str(pypy_c)),))
+    win_extras = ['libpypy-c.dll', 'libexpat.dll', 'sqlite3.dll',
+                      'libeay32.dll', 'ssleay32.dll']
     subprocess.check_call([str(pypy_c), '-c', 'import _sqlite3'])
     if not sys.platform == 'win32':
         subprocess.check_call([str(pypy_c), '-c', 'import _curses'])
         subprocess.check_call([str(pypy_c), '-c', 'import syslog'])
-        if not withouttk:
-            try:
-                subprocess.check_call([str(pypy_c), '-c', 'import _tkinter'])
-            except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
-                print >>sys.stderr, """Building Tk bindings failed.
+    if not withouttk:
+        try:
+            subprocess.check_call([str(pypy_c), '-c', 'import _tkinter'])
+        except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
+            print >>sys.stderr, """Building Tk bindings failed.
 You can either install Tk development headers package or
 add --without-tk option to skip packaging binary CFFI extension."""
-                sys.exit(1)
+            sys.exit(1)
+        #Can the dependencies be found from cffi somehow?    
+        win_extras += ['tcl85.dll', 'tk85.dll']    
     if sys.platform == 'win32' and not rename_pypy_c.lower().endswith('.exe'):
         rename_pypy_c += '.exe'
     binaries = [(pypy_c, rename_pypy_c)]
         # Can't rename a DLL: it is always called 'libpypy-c.dll'
-        for extra in ['libpypy-c.dll',
-                      'libexpat.dll', 'sqlite3.dll',
-                      'libeay32.dll', 'ssleay32.dll']:
+        for extra in win_extras:
             p = pypy_c.dirpath().join(extra)
             if not p.check():
                 p = py.path.local.sysfind(extra)
             # XXX users will complain that they cannot compile cpyext
             # modules for windows, has the lib moved or are there no
             # exported functions in the dll so no import library is created?
+        if not withouttk:
+            try:
+                p = pypy_c.dirpath().join('tcl85.dll')
+                if not p.check():
+                    p = py.path.local.sysfind('tcl85.dll')
+                tktcldir = p.dirpath().join('..').join('lib')
+                shutil.copytree(str(tktcldir), str(pypydir.join('tcl')))
+            except WindowsError:
+                print >>sys.stderr, """Packaging Tk runtime failed.
+tk85.dll and tcl85.dll found, expecting to find runtime in ..\\lib
+directory next to the dlls, as per build instructions."""
+                import traceback;traceback.print_exc()
+                sys.exit(1)
     # Careful: to copy lib_pypy, copying just the hg-tracked files
     # would not be enough: there are also ctypes_config_cache/_*
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