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mention environment variables for mingw

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 the name of a valid gcc-derivative compiler, i.e. x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc for the 64 bit
 compiler creating a 64 bit target.
+You probably want to set the CPATH, LIBRARY_PATH, and PATH environment variable to
+the header files, lib or dlls, and dlls respectively of the locally installed packages 
+if they are not in the mingw directory heirarchy. 
 libffi for the mingw compiler
 Since hacking on Pypy means running tests, you will need a way to specify
 the mingw compiler when hacking (as opposed to translating). As of
 March 2012, --cc is not a valid option for However if you set an
-environment variable CC it will allow you to choose a compiler.
+environment variable CC to the compliter exe, testing will use it.
 .. _'mingw32 build':
 .. _`mingw64 build`: