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Maciej Fijalkowski  committed 5ab71be

remove performance hack

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  • Branches kill-more-multimethods

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File pypy/objspace/std/objspace.py

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             self.setitem(w_obj, self.wrap(key), w_value)
-    def getindex_w(self, w_obj, w_exception, objdescr=None):
-        # Performance shortcut for the common case of w_obj being an int.
-        # If withsmallint is disabled, we check for W_IntObject.
-        # If withsmallint is enabled, we only check for W_SmallIntObject - it's
-        # probably not useful to have a shortcut for W_IntObject at all then.
-        if self.config.objspace.std.withsmallint:
-            if type(w_obj) is W_SmallIntObject:
-                return w_obj.intval
-        else:
-            if type(w_obj) is W_IntObject:
-                return w_obj.intval
-        return ObjSpace.getindex_w(self, w_obj, w_exception, objdescr)
     def call_method(self, w_obj, methname, *arg_w):
         if self.config.objspace.opcodes.CALL_METHOD:
             return callmethod.call_method_opt(self, w_obj, methname, *arg_w)