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Armin Rigo  committed 5afd0cd

I *think* this should skip tests when running from the backend/*/test
directory and the tests require some more support that what the real
cpu provides.

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File rpython/jit/metainterp/test/support.py

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     cw = codewriter.CodeWriter(cpu, [FakeJitDriverSD()])
     cw.debug = True
     testself.cw = cw
+    if supports_floats and not cpu.supports_floats:
+        py.test.skip("this test requires supports_floats=True")
+    if supports_longlong and not cpu.supports_longlong:
+        py.test.skip("this test requires supports_longlong=True")
+    if supports_singlefloats and not cpu.supports_singlefloats:
+        py.test.skip("this test requires supports_singlefloats=True")
     policy = JitPolicy()