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File rpython/jit/metainterp/pyjitpl.py

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         tobox = self.metainterp.heapcache.getfield(box, fielddescr)
         if tobox is valuebox:
+        # The following test is disabled because buggy.  It is supposed
+        # to be: not(we're writing null into a freshly allocated object)
+        # but the bug is that is_unescaped() can be True even after the
+        # field cache is cleared --- see test_ajit:test_unescaped_write_zero
         if 1:  # tobox is not None or not self.metainterp.heapcache.is_unescaped(box) or not isinstance(valuebox, Const) or valuebox.nonnull():
             self.execute_with_descr(rop.SETFIELD_GC, fielddescr, box, valuebox)
         self.metainterp.heapcache.setfield(box, valuebox, fielddescr)