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File pypy/doc/architecture.rst

 .. _`RPython`: coding-guide.html#rpython
-.. _Python:
+.. _Python:
 .. _Psyco:
 .. _stackless: stackless.html
 .. _`generate Just-In-Time Compilers`: jit/index.html

File pypy/doc/coding-guide.rst

 implementation must behave in a static way often referenced as
-.. _Starkiller:
+.. _Starkiller:
 .. _ShedSkin:
 However, when the PyPy interpreter is started as a Python program, it
 logilab-common_ and astng_ that you will need to install too before
 you can use the tool. 
-.. _Pylint:
-.. _logilab-common:
-.. _astng:
+.. _Pylint:
+.. _logilab-common:
+.. _astng:
 .. _`register with the tracker`:
-.. _`roundup`:
+.. _`roundup`:
 .. _`testing in PyPy`:
 .. _`standard object space`: objspace.html#standard-object-space
 .. _`objectspace`: objspace.html
-.. _`py.test`:
+.. _`py.test`:
 Interpreter level tests
 files.  Here is a `ReST quickstart`_ but you can also just look
 at the existing documentation and see how things work.
-.. _`ReST quickstart`:
+.. _`ReST quickstart`:
 Note that the web site of is maintained separately.
 For now it is in the repository

File pypy/doc/ctypes-implementation.rst

 We tried pyglet checking it out from its repository at revision 1984.
-For convenience a tarball of the checkout can also be found at:
 From pyglet, the following examples are known to work:

File pypy/doc/discussion/distribution-implementation.rst

 probably using some of the Armin's hacks to rewrite it using greenlets instead
 of threads.
-.. _`py.execnet`:
+.. _`py.execnet`:

File pypy/doc/docindex.rst

 PyPy - a Python_ implementation written in Python 
-.. _Python:
+.. _Python:
 .. contents:: :depth: 1

File pypy/doc/eventhistory.rst

 backends. For more details, read the last `sprint status`_ page and
 enjoy the pictures_.
-.. _`sprint status`:
+.. _`sprint status`:
 .. _`pictures`:
 PyPy at Python UK/ACCU Conference (United Kingdom)
 *April 19th - April 22nd 2006.* Several talks about PyPy were hold at
 this year's Python UK/ACCU conference. Read more at the `ACCU site`_.
-.. _`ACCU site`:
+.. _`ACCU site`:
 PyPy at XPDay France 2006 in Paris March 23rd - March 24th 2006
-Logilab presented PyPy at the first `french XP Day`_ that it was
+Logilab presented PyPy at the first french XP Day that it was
 sponsoring and which was held in Paris. There was over a hundred
 attendants. Interesting talks included Python as an agile language and
 Tools for continuous integration.
 Talks at PyCon 2006 (Dallas, Texas, USA)
-*Feb 24th - Feb 26th 2006.* PyPy developers spoke at `PyCon 2006`_.
+*Feb 24th - Feb 26th 2006.* PyPy developers spoke at PyCon 2006.
 .. _`PyCon 2006`: 
 .. _`breakthrough`:
 .. _`hurray`:
 .. _`pictures from the sprint`: 
-.. _`Trillke-Gut`:
+.. _`Trillke-Gut`:
 EuroPython 2005 sprints finished 
 Read more in `EuroPython sprint announcement`_, see who is  planning to attend
 on `the people page`_. There is also a page_ in the python wiki.
-.. _`EuroPython sprint announcement`:
-.. _`the people page`:
+.. _`EuroPython sprint announcement`:
+.. _`the people page`:
 .. _page:

File pypy/doc/extradoc.rst

 .. _`Automatic JIT Compiler Generation with Runtime Partial Evaluation`:
 .. _`RPython: A Step towards Reconciling Dynamically and Statically Typed OO Languages`:
 .. _`EU Reports`: index-report.html
-.. _`PyGirl: Generating Whole-System VMs from High-Level Prototypes using PyPy`:
+.. _`PyGirl: Generating Whole-System VMs from High-Level Prototypes using PyPy`:
 .. _`Representation-Based Just-in-Time Specialization and the Psyco Prototype for Python`:
 .. _`Back to the Future in One Week -- Implementing a Smalltalk VM in PyPy`:
 .. _`Automatic generation of JIT compilers for dynamic languages in .NET`:
 .. _feasible:
 .. _rock:
 .. _LLVM:
-.. _IronPython:
-.. _`Dynamic Native Optimization of Native Interpreters`:
-.. _JikesRVM:
+.. _IronPython:
+.. _`Dynamic Native Optimization of Native Interpreters`:
+.. _JikesRVM:
 .. _Tunes:
 .. _`old Tunes Wiki`:

File pypy/doc/faq.rst

 It seems that a lot of strange, unexplainable problems can be magically
 solved by removing all the \*.pyc files from the PyPy source tree
-(the script `py.cleanup`_ from py/bin will do that for you).
+(the script py.cleanup from pypy/tool will do that for you).
 Another thing you can do is removing the directory pypy/_cache
 completely. If the error is persistent and still annoys you after this
 treatment please send us a bug report (or even better, a fix :-)
-.. _`py.cleanup`:
 OSError: ... cannot restore segment prot after reloc... Help?
 .. [BRETT] Brett Cannon,
            Localized Type Inference of Atomic Types in Python,
 .. [D05.1] Compiling Dynamic Language Implementations,
            Report from the PyPy project to the E.U.,

File pypy/doc/getting-started-dev.rst

 To translate and run for the CLI you must have the SDK installed: Windows
-users need the `.NET Framework SDK 2.0`_, while Linux and Mac users
+users need the `.NET Framework SDK`_, while Linux and Mac users
 can use Mono_.  To translate and run for the JVM you must have a JDK 
 installed (at least version 5) and ``java``/``javac`` on your path.
 install it if they want to run low-level tests. See
 the `download page of ctypes`_.
-.. _`download page of ctypes`:
+.. _`download page of ctypes`:
 .. _`ctypes`:
 .. _`py.test`:
 .. _`Spidermonkey`:
-.. _`.NET Framework SDK 2.0`:
+.. _`.NET Framework SDK`:
 .. _Mono:
 .. _`CLI backend`: cli-backend.html
 .. _clr: clr-module.html

File pypy/doc/getting-started-python.rst

 differences to CPython and some missing extensions, for details see `CPython
-.. _Django:
+.. _Django:
 .. _Twisted:
 .. _`CPython differences`: cpython_differences.html

File pypy/doc/getting-started.rst

 language implementation itself. `more...`_
-.. _Python:
+.. _Python:
 .. _`more...`: architecture.html
 Just the facts 

File pypy/doc/index-report.rst

-.. _`py-lib`:
-.. _`py.test`:
+.. _`py-lib`:
+.. _`py.test`:
 .. _codespeak:
 .. _`pypy-dev`:

File pypy/doc/release-0.6.rst

 What it is and where to start 
-Getting started:
+Getting started:    getting-started.html
-PyPy Documentation:
+PyPy Documentation: index.html
-PyPy Homepage:
+PyPy Homepage:
 PyPy is a MIT-licensed reimplementation of Python written in
 Python itself.  The long term goals are an implementation that
 from numerous people.   Please feel free to give feedback and 
 raise questions. 
-    contact points:
+    contact points:
-    contributor list: 
+    contributor list: contributor.html
 have fun, 

File pypy/doc/release-0.9.0.rst

 **testing refinements**
     py.test, our testing tool, now has preliminary support for doctests.
     We now run all our tests every night, and you can see the summary at:
 What is PyPy (about)? 

File pypy/doc/rlib.rst

 returns a object with a ``recognize(input)`` method that returns True or False
 depending on whether ``input`` matches the string or not.
-.. _`re`:
+.. _`re`:

File pypy/doc/video-index.rst

 such as `mplayer`_, `xine`_, `vlc`_ or the windows media player.
 .. _`mplayer`:
-.. _`xine`:
+.. _`xine`:
 .. _`vlc`:
 You can find the necessary codecs in the ffdshow-library:
 or use the original divx codec (for Windows):
 Copyrights and Licensing