Alex Gaynor avatar Alex Gaynor committed 5eec40f

Added __objclass__ to methods.

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         bm = A().m
         assert bm.__func__ is bm.im_func
         assert bm.__self__ is bm.im_self
+        assert bm.__objclass__ is bm.im_class is A
         assert bm.__doc__ == "aaa"
         assert bm.x == 3
         raises(AttributeError, setattr, bm, 'x', 15)
+        assert [].append.__objclass__ is list


     im_self  = interp_attrproperty_w('w_instance', cls=Method),
     __self__ = interp_attrproperty_w('w_instance', cls=Method),
     im_class = interp_attrproperty_w('w_class', cls=Method),
+    __objclass__ = interp_attrproperty_w('w_class', cls=Method),
     __getattribute__ = interp2app(Method.descr_method_getattribute),
     __eq__ = interp2app(Method.descr_method_eq),
     __ne__ = descr_generic_ne,
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