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Hakan Ardo  committed 6233caf

Dont import boxes proven constant while setting up the short_boxes and dont use the fallback to produce boxes with same_as if the box was already produced (should fix issue1045)

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  • Parent commits 65946bb
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File pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/test/test_multilabel.py

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         metainterp_sd = FakeMetaInterpStaticData(self.cpu)
         optimize_unroll(metainterp_sd, loop, [OptRenameStrlen(), OptPure()], True)
-    def test_optimizer_renaming_boxes(self):
+    def test_optimizer_renaming_boxes1(self):
         ops = """
         i1 = strlen(p1)

File pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/unroll.py

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             if op and op.result:
                 preamble_value = exported_state.exported_values[op.result]
                 value = self.optimizer.getvalue(op.result)
-                if not value.is_virtual():
+                if not value.is_virtual() and not value.is_constant():
                     imp = ValueImporter(self, preamble_value, op)
                     self.optimizer.importable_values[value] = imp
                 newvalue = self.optimizer.getvalue(op.result)
                 # note that emitting here SAME_AS should not happen, but
                 # in case it does, we would prefer to be suboptimal in asm
                 # to a fatal RPython exception.
-                if newresult is not op.result and not newvalue.is_constant():
+                if newresult is not op.result and \
+                   not self.short_boxes.has_producer(newresult) and \
+                   not newvalue.is_constant():
                     op = ResOperation(rop.SAME_AS, [op.result], newresult)
                     if self.optimizer.loop.logops: