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     def check_target_token_count(self, count):
         tokens = get_stats().get_all_jitcell_tokens()
-        n = sum ([len(t.target_tokens) for t in tokens])
+        n = sum ([len(t.target_tokens) for t in tokens if t.target_tokens is not None])
+        # XXX: is target_tokens == None a good idea?
         assert n == count
     def check_enter_count(self, count):


             def __init__(self, val):
                 self.val = val
         myjitdriver = JitDriver(greens = ['pc'], reds = ['n', 'sa', 'i', 'j'])
+        #           0123456
         bytecode = "iajb+JI"
         def f(n):
             pc = sa = 0
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