Armin Rigo  committed 648b071

Increase the upper bound here. It's nicer if the array can remain
virtual. We still need an upper bound, because otherwise it would
generate a very long sequence of setarrayitems and explode the

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File rpython/rtyper/

 #  done with it.  So in the sequel we don't bother checking for overflow
 #  when we compute "ll_length() + 1".
-@jit.look_inside_iff(lambda LIST, count, item: jit.isconstant(count) and count < 15)
+# jit note: this is normally special-cased by the oopspec,
+# but if item != const(0), then the special-casing fails and
+# we fall back to the look_inside_iff.
+@jit.look_inside_iff(lambda LIST, count, item: jit.isconstant(count) and count < 137)
 @jit.oopspec("newlist(count, item)")
 def ll_alloc_and_set(LIST, count, item):
     if count < 0:
         check = item
     # as long as malloc is known to zero the allocated memory avoid zeroing
     # twice
-    if (not malloc_zero_filled) or check:
+    if jit.we_are_jitted() or (not malloc_zero_filled) or check:
         i = 0
         while i < count:
             l.ll_setitem_fast(i, item)