Alexander Hesse avatar Alexander Hesse committed 656335a

Added init logging keyword

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         'Error': ((1, 31), False),
         'info': ((35,), False),
         'stub': ((34,), False),
+        'init': ((1, 34), False),
     log_on_quiet = [
-        "info",
+        "init",
     def __init__(self, kw_to_color={}, file=None):


     def _do(self, goal, func, *args, **kwds):
         title = func.task_title
         if goal in self.done:
-  "already done: %s" % title)
+            self.log.init("already done: %s" % title)
-  "%s..." % title)
+            self.log.init("%s" % title)
         debug_print('starting', goal)
         #import gc; gc.dump_rpy_heap('rpyheap-after-%s.dump' % goal)
         return res
-    @taskdef([], "Annotating&simplifying")
+    @taskdef([], "Annotating & simplifying")
     def task_annotate(self):
         """ Annotate


 py.log.setconsumer("translation", ansi_log)
 def load_target(targetspec):
-"Translating target as defined by %s" % targetspec)
+    log.init("Translating target %s" % targetspec)
     if not targetspec.endswith('.py'):
         targetspec += '.py'
     thismod = sys.modules[__name__]
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