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File rpython/doc/glossary.rst

       until the run-time value is known. See if :doc:`the jit docs <jit/index>` help.
-      :ref:`rpython`, a limited subset of the Python_ language.
+      :doc:`rpython`, a limited subset of the Python_ language.
       The limitations make :term:`type inference` possible.
       It is also the language that the PyPy interpreter itself is written

File rpython/doc/translation.rst

 (although these steps are not quite as distinct as you might think from
 this presentation).
-There is an :ref:`interactive interface <try out the translator>` called :source:`rpython/bin/` to the
+There is an :ref:`interactive interface <try-out-the-translator>` called :source:`rpython/bin/` to the
 translation process which allows you to interactively work through these