Stefano Rivera committed 67ae204

Test hangs on kfreebsd

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     def test_sslwrap(self):
         import _ssl, _socket, sys, gc
-        if sys.platform == 'darwin':
-            skip("hangs indefinitely on OSX (also on CPython)")
+        if sys.platform == 'darwin' or 'freebsd' in sys.platform:
+            skip("hangs indefinitely on OSX & FreeBSD (also on CPython)")
         s = _socket.socket()
         ss = _ssl.sslwrap(s, 0)
         exc = raises(_socket.error, ss.do_handshake)


     if hasattr(__import__(, "forkpty"):
         def test_forkpty(self):
             import sys
+            if 'freebsd' in sys.platform:
+                skip("hangs indifinitly on FreeBSD (also on CPython).")
             os = self.posix
             childpid, master_fd = os.forkpty()
             assert isinstance(childpid, int)
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