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             padLen = 120 - index
-        padding = [0o200] + [0] * 63
+        padding = [b'\200'] + [b'\000'] * 63
         # Append length (before padding).
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 from string import ascii_uppercase, ascii_lowercase
 def rot13(data):
     """ A simple rot-13 encoder since `str.encode('rot13')` was removed from
         Python as of version 3.0.  It rotates both uppercase and lowercase letters individually.
     return "".join(total)
 def some_topic():
     import time
     lines = __doc__.splitlines()


                 field.__name__ = name
         dict['n_fields'] = len(fields_by_index)
-        extra_fields = list(fields_by_index.items())
-        extra_fields.sort()
+        extra_fields = sorted(fields_by_index.items())
         n_sequence_fields = 0
         while extra_fields and extra_fields[0][0] == n_sequence_fields:
     from os import getuid
     uid = getuid()
     pw = getpwuid(uid)
-    print(("uid %s: %s" % (pw.pw_uid, pw)))
+    print("uid %s: %s" % (pw.pw_uid, pw))
     name = pw.pw_name
-    print(("name %r: %s" % (name, getpwnam(name))))
+    print("name %r: %s" % (name, getpwnam(name)))
     for pw in getpwall():
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