Tobias Oberstein committed 7092ad9

fix #1638

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 if _has_load_extension():
     _ffi.cdef("int sqlite3_enable_load_extension(sqlite3 *db, int onoff);")
-_lib = _ffi.verify("""
-#include <sqlite3.h>
-""", libraries=['sqlite3']
+if sys.platform.startswith('freebsd'):
+    _lib = _ffi.verify("""
+    #include <sqlite3.h>
+    """, libraries=['sqlite3']
+    )
+    _lib = _ffi.verify("""
+    #include <sqlite3.h>
+    """, libraries=['sqlite3']],
+         include_dirs=['/usr/local/include'],
+         library_dirs=['/usr/local/lib']
+    )
 exported_sqlite_symbols = [
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