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 The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list, since cppyy is still
 under active development.
 A bit of special care needs to be taken for the use of templates.
 For a templated class to be completely available, it must be guaranteed that
 The fast lane
 The following is an experimental feature of cppyy.
 It mostly works, but there are some known issues (e.g. with return-by-value).
 .. _genreflex-methptrgetter.patch:
 Most of the ideas in cppyy come originally from the `PyROOT`_ project.
 Although PyROOT does not support Reflex directly, it has an alter ego called
 To change versions of CPython (to Python3, another version of Python, or later
 to the `Py3k`_ version of PyPy), the only part that requires recompilation is


+   cpython_differences
+   gc_info
+   jit-hooks
+   stackless
+   cppyy
+   objspace-proxies
+   sandbox
+   clr-module
 Development documentation
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