Brian Kearns avatar Brian Kearns committed 7532082

backout 60b3f3d002ba to test if it caused the performance regression in genshi_text/xml

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     def exec_code(self, space, w_globals, w_locals):
         "Implements the 'exec' statement."
         # this should be on PyCode?
-        space.possibly_convert_to_celldict(w_globals)
         frame = space.createframe(self, w_globals, None)


     def view_as_kwargs(self):
         return self.strategy.view_as_kwargs(self)
-    def convert_to_celldict_strategy(self, space):
-        from pypy.objspace.std.celldict import ModuleDictStrategy
-        if isinstance(self.strategy, ModuleDictStrategy):
-            return
-        items_w = self.items()
-        self.strategy = ModuleDictStrategy(space)
-        self.dstorage = self.strategy.get_empty_storage()
-        for w_tup in items_w:
-            w_key, w_val = space.fixedview(w_tup, 2)
-            self.setitem(w_key, w_val)
 def _add_indirections():
     dict_methods = "setitem setitem_str getitem \
                     getitem_str delitem length \


         if not hasattr(self, "_interplevel_classes"):
             return None # before running initialize
         return self._interplevel_classes.get(w_type, None)
-    def possibly_convert_to_celldict(self, w_dict):
-        """ Converts the dict to celldict, if it's a dict, otherwise
-        leaves it alone
-        """
-        if isinstance(w_dict, W_DictMultiObject):
-            w_dict.convert_to_celldict_strategy(self)
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