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File pypy/objspace/std/

 from pypy.objspace.std.typeobject import W_TypeObject
 def proxy(space, w_type, w_controller):
+    """tproxy(typ, controller) -> obj
+Return something that looks like it is of type typ. It's behaviour is
+completely controlled by the controller."""
     from pypy.interpreter.typedef import Function, PyTraceback, PyFrame, \
         PyCode, GeneratorIterator
           "be wrapped (YET)" % w_type.getname(space, "?")))
 def proxy_controller(space, w_object):
+    """get_tproxy_controller(obj) -> controller
+If obj is really a transparent proxy, return its controller. Otherwise return
     if isinstance(w_object, W_Transparent):
         return w_object.w_controller
     if isinstance(w_object, W_TransparentObject):

File pypy/objspace/

 app_become = gateway.interp2app(become)
 def lazy(space, w_callable):
+    """Decorator to make a callable return its results wrapped in a thunk."""
     meth = Method(space, space.w_fn_thunk,
                   w_callable, space.type(w_callable))
     return space.wrap(meth)