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Give up using a union for now, which simplifies things.

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 from pypy.jit.codewriter import longlong
+# XXX not an actual union for now
                            ('int', lltype.Signed),
                            ('ref', llmemory.GCREF),
-                           ('float', longlong.FLOATSTORAGE),
-                           hints={'union': True})
+                           ('float', longlong.FLOATSTORAGE))
 DEADFRAME = lltype.GcStruct(
     # exception is not stored there, but in jf_values[0].ref.)
     ('jf_guard_exc', llmemory.GCREF),
-    # All values are stored in the following array, for now not very
-    # compactly on 32-bit machines.
+    # All values are stored in the following array, for now not
+    # compactly at all
     ('jf_values', lltype.Array(VALUEUNION)))


         if op.result is not None:
             # load the return value from the dead frame's value index 0
-            # (use descrs.as_int here, which is valid too for descrs.as_ref)
-            t = unpack_interiorfielddescr(descrs.as_int)
-            load_from = (eax.value, t[0])
             kind = op.result.type
             if kind == FLOAT:
-      , load_from)
+                t = unpack_interiorfielddescr(descrs.as_float)
+      , (eax.value, t[0]))
                 if result_loc is not xmm0:
           , xmm0)
                 assert result_loc is eax
-      , load_from)
+                if kind == INT:
+                    t = unpack_interiorfielddescr(descrs.as_int)
+                else:
+                    t = unpack_interiorfielddescr(descrs.as_ref)
+      , (eax.value, t[0]))
         # Here we join Path A and Path B again
         offset = - jmp_location
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