Philip Jenvey avatar Philip Jenvey committed 7c4e7a8

reapply our py3k signatures from 460b29c967c1

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 import sys, os, stat
-from pypy.annotation import types
 from pypy.interpreter.module import Module
 from pypy.interpreter.gateway import interp2app, unwrap_spec
 from pypy.interpreter.typedef import TypeDef, generic_new_descr
 from pypy.rlib.streamio import StreamErrors
 from pypy.rlib.objectmodel import we_are_translated, specialize
 from pypy.rlib.signature import signature
+from pypy.rlib import types
 from pypy.module.sys.version import PYPY_VERSION


 def unicode():
     return model.SomeUnicodeString()
+def unicode0():
+    return model.SomeUnicodeString(no_nul=True)
 def str():
     return model.SomeString()
+def str0():
+    return model.SomeString(no_nul=True)
 def char():
     return model.SomeChar()
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