Amaury Forgeot d'Arc committed 898ed07

Remove ll_strtod.c from the RPython core C files.
The ExternalCompilationInfo object should be enough to add it to the Makefile.

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Files changed (3)


         srcdir / 'thread.c',
         srcdir / 'asm.c',
         srcdir / 'instrument.c',
-        srcdir / 'll_strtod.c',        # ifdef HAVE_RTYPER
         srcdir / 'int.c',
     if _CYGWIN:


 #ifdef HAVE_RTYPER      /* only if we have an RTyper */
 #  include "src/rtyper.h"
 #  include "src/debug_traceback.h"
-#  include "src/ll_strtod.h"


     def test_separate_files(self):
         # One file in translator/c/src
         fname = py.path.local(pypydir).join(
-            'translator', 'c', 'src', 'll_strtod.h')
+            'translator', 'c', 'src', 'll_strtod.c')
         # One file in (another) subdir of the temp directory
         dirname = udir.join("test_dir").ensure(dir=1)
         # but files from pypy source dir must be copied
         assert "translator/c/src" not in makefile
-        assert "  ll_strtod.h" in makefile
+        assert "  ll_strtod.c" in makefile
         assert "  ll_strtod.o" in makefile
     def test_debug_print_start_stop(self):
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