Armin Rigo avatar Armin Rigo committed 89abd94

(iko, rguillebert, arigo)

Don't use Mac OS/X may-be-broken implementation of poll().

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 _MSVC  = == "msvc"
 _MINGW = == "mingw32"
 _SOLARIS = sys.platform == "sunos5"
+_MACOSX = sys.platform == "darwin"
 if _POSIX:
     includes = ('sys/types.h',
     pollfdarray = rffi.CArray(pollfd)
     poll = external('poll', [lltype.Ptr(pollfdarray), nfds_t, rffi.INT],
+    # workaround for Mac OS/X on which poll() seems to behave a bit strangely
+    # (see test_recv_send_timeout in pypy.module._socket.test.test_sock_app)
+    #
+    poll_may_be_broken = _MACOSX
 elif WIN32:
     from pypy.rlib import rwin32


             _c.ioctlsocket(self.fd, _c.FIONBIO, flag)
   , flavor='raw')
-    if hasattr(_c, 'poll'):
+    if hasattr(_c, 'poll') and not _c.poll_may_be_broken:
         def _select(self, for_writing):
             """Returns 0 when reading/writing is possible,
             1 when timing out and -1 on error."""
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