Alex Gaynor  committed 89c328e

handle hashing a None rstr, fixes the test I checked in yesterday.

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File pypy/rpython/lltypesystem/

         # unlike CPython, there is no reason to avoid to return -1
         # but our malloc initializes the memory to zero, so we use zero as the
         # special non-computed-yet value.
+        if not s:
+            return 0
         x = s.hash
         if x == 0:
             x = _hash_string(s.chars)

File pypy/rpython/ootypesystem/

         return ootype.oounicode(ch, -1)
     def ll_strhash(s):
+        if not s:
+            return 0
         return s.ll_hash()
     def ll_strfasthash(s):