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File rpython/translator/platform/

 from rpython.tool.runsubprocess import run_subprocess as _run_subprocess
 from rpython.tool.udir import udir
+from rpython.tool.version import rpythonroot
 log = py.log.Producer("platform")
         return response_file
     def _make_o_file(self, cfile, ext):
-        """Create a .o filename under the udir for a .c file"""
-        oname =
-        if oname.relto(udir):
-            return oname
-        ofile = udir.join(oname.relto(py.path.local()))
+        """Create an object file name under the udir for a .c file"""
+        ofile =
+        if ofile.relto(udir):
+            return ofile
+        ofile = udir.join(ofile.relto(rpythonroot))
         return ofile