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document availability of build dependencies for windows

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 On Windows, there is no standard place where to download, build and
-install third-party libraries.  We chose to install them in the parent
+install third-party libraries.  We recommend installing them in the parent
 directory of the pypy checkout.  For example, if you installed pypy in
 ``d:\pypy\trunk\`` (This directory contains a README file), the base
-directory is ``d:\pypy``. You may choose different values by setting the
+directory is ``d:\pypy``. You must then set the
+INCLUDE, LIB and PATH (for DLLs) environment variables appropriately.
+Abridged method (for -Ojit builds using Visual Studio 2008)
+Download the versions of all the external packages
+Then expand it into the base directory (base_dir) and modify your environment to reflect this::
+    set PATH=<base_dir>\bin;%PATH%
+    set INCLUDE=<base_dir>\include;%INCLUDE%
+    set LIB=<base_dir>\lib;%LIB%
+Now you should be good to go. Read on for more information.
 The Boehm garbage collector