Ronan Lamy  committed 945b1a9

Remove unnecessary guard

The special case in space.setitem was never actually executed, since
frame.w_globals is never modified directly and other ways of accessing
globals() don't return the frame.w_globals object.

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File rpython/flowspace/

         frame.handle_implicit_exceptions([StopIteration, RuntimeError])
         return w_item
-    def setitem(self, w_obj, w_key, w_val):
-        # protect us from globals write access
-        if w_obj is self.frame.w_globals:
-            raise FlowingError(self.frame,
-                    "Attempting to modify global variable  %r." % (w_key))
-        return self.frame.do_operation_with_implicit_exceptions('setitem',
-                w_obj, w_key, w_val)
     def setitem_str(self, w_obj, key, w_value):
         return self.setitem(w_obj, self.wrap(key), w_value)