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Reduce differences in between default and py3k:
RSocket.accept only returns the file descriptor, the client is responsible for creating the new socket object.

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         info is a pair (hostaddr, port).
-            sock, addr = self.accept(W_RSocket)
+            fd, addr = self.accept()
+            sock = rsocket.make_socket(
+                fd,, self.type, self.proto, W_RSocket)
             return space.newtuple([space.wrap(sock),
                                    addr.as_object(sock.fd, space)])
         except SocketError, e:


     _mixin_ = True        # for
     fd = _c.INVALID_SOCKET
-    def __init__(self, family=AF_INET, type=SOCK_STREAM, proto=0):
+    def __init__(self, family=AF_INET, type=SOCK_STREAM, proto=0,
+                 fd=_c.INVALID_SOCKET):
         """Create a new socket."""
-        fd = _c.socket(family, type, proto)
+        if _c.invalid_socket(fd):
+            fd = _c.socket(family, type, proto)
         if _c.invalid_socket(fd):
             raise self.error_handler()
         # PLAT RISCOS
         addrlen_p[0] = rffi.cast(_c.socklen_t, maxlen)
         return addr, addr.addr_p, addrlen_p
-    def accept(self, SocketClass=None):
+    def accept(self):
         """Wait for an incoming connection.
-        Return (new socket object, client address)."""
-        if SocketClass is None:
-            SocketClass = RSocket
+        Return (new socket fd, client address)."""
         if self._select(False) == 1:
             raise SocketTimeout
         address, addr_p, addrlen_p = self._addrbuf()
         if _c.invalid_socket(newfd):
             raise self.error_handler()
         address.addrlen = rffi.cast(lltype.Signed, addrlen)
-        sock = make_socket(newfd,, self.type, self.proto,
-                           SocketClass)
-        return (sock, address)
+        return (newfd, address)
     def bind(self, address):
         """Bind the socket to a local address."""
             if res != 0:
                 raise self.error_handler()
+    def detach(self):
+        fd = self.fd
+        self.fd = _c.INVALID_SOCKET
+        return fd
     if _c.WIN32:
         def _connect(self, address):
             """Connect the socket to a remote address."""


     thread.start_new_thread(connecting, ())
     print 'waiting for connection'
-    s1, addr2 = sock.accept()
+    fd1, addr2 = sock.accept()
+    s1 = RSocket(fd=fd1)
     print 'connection accepted'
     print 'connecting side knows that the connection was accepted too'
     if errcodesok:
         assert err.value.errno in (errno.EINPROGRESS, errno.EWOULDBLOCK)
-    s1, addr2 = sock.accept()
+    fd1, addr2 = sock.accept()
+    s1 = RSocket(fd=fd1)
     assert addr.eq(s2.getpeername())
     assert addr2.get_port() == s2.getsockname().get_port()
     clientsock = RSocket(AF_UNIX)
-    s, addr = serversock.accept()
+    fd, addr = serversock.accept()
+    s = RSocket(AF_UNIX, fd=fd)
     data = clientsock.recv(100)
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