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Brian Kearns  committed 96eb2da

fix another path in test_app_main.py for split-rpython changes

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File pypy/interpreter/test2/test_app_main.py

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             assert line.rstrip() == 'Not at all. They could be carried.'
             print 'A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut.'
-        py_py = os.path.join(pypydir, 'bin', 'py.py')
+        py_py = os.path.join(pypydir, 'bin', 'pyinteractive.py')
         child = self._spawn(sys.executable, [py_py, '-S', path])
         child.expect('Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?', timeout=120)
         child.sendline('Not at all. They could be carried.')