Philip Jenvey committed 983d6e1

avoid _get_osfhandle from crashing on invalid fds

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File lib-python/2.7/test/

         self.assertRaises(ValueError, _FileIO, -10)
         self.assertRaises(OSError, _FileIO, make_bad_fd())
         if sys.platform == 'win32':
-            raise unittest.SkipTest('Set _invalid_parameter_handler for low level io')
             import msvcrt
             self.assertRaises(IOError, msvcrt.get_osfhandle, make_bad_fd())

File lib_pypy/

 # PAC: 2010/08 added MS locking for Whoosh
 import ctypes
+import errno
 from ctypes_support import standard_c_lib as _c
 from ctypes_support import get_errno
-import errno
     open_osfhandle = _c._open_osfhandle
 except AttributeError: # we are not on windows
     raise ImportError
-try: from __pypy__ import builtinify
-except ImportError: builtinify = lambda f: f
+try: from __pypy__ import builtinify, validate_fd
+except ImportError: builtinify = validate_fd = lambda f: f
 open_osfhandle.argtypes = [ctypes.c_int, ctypes.c_int]
 open_osfhandle.restype = ctypes.c_int
-get_osfhandle = _c._get_osfhandle
-get_osfhandle.argtypes = [ctypes.c_int]
-get_osfhandle.restype = ctypes.c_int
+_get_osfhandle = _c._get_osfhandle
+_get_osfhandle.argtypes = [ctypes.c_int]
+_get_osfhandle.restype = ctypes.c_int
+def get_osfhandle(fd):
+    """"get_osfhandle(fd) -> file handle
+    Return the file handle for the file descriptor fd. Raises IOError if
+    fd is not recognized."""
+    try:
+        validate_fd(fd)
+    except OSError as e:
+        raise IOError(*e.args)
+    return _get_osfhandle(fd)
 setmode = _c._setmode
 setmode.argtypes = [ctypes.c_int, ctypes.c_int]