Philip Jenvey committed 998e471

silly import test fixes

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         def imp():
             import pkg.i_am_not_here.neither_am_i
         exc = raises(ImportError, imp)
-        assert exc.value.args[0] == "No module named i_am_not_here.neither_am_i"
+        assert exc.value.args[0] == "No module named pkg.i_am_not_here"
     def test_future_relative_import_level_1(self):
         from pkg import relative_c
                 import sys
+                # Obscure: manually bootstrap the utf-8 codec for
+                # TextIOs opened by imp.find_module. It's not otherwise
+                # loaded by the test infrastructure but would have been
+                # in any other situation
+                import encodings.utf_8
     def teardown_class(cls):