Armin Rigo committed a1be520

Look inside RPython generators too.

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         if len(block.exits) == 1:
             # A single link, fall-through
             link = block.exits[0]
-            assert link.exitcase is None
+            assert link.exitcase in (None, False, True)
+            # the cases False or True should not really occur, but can show
+            # up in the manually hacked graphs for generators...
         elif block.exitswitch is c_last_exception:


         # here it works again
         self.check_operations_history(guard_class=0, record_known_class=1)
+    def test_generator(self):
+        def g(n):
+            yield n+1
+            yield n+2
+            yield n+3
+        def f(n):
+            gen = g(n)
+            return * *
+        res = self.interp_operations(f, [10])
+        assert res == 11 * 12 * 13
+        self.check_operations_history(int_add=3, int_mul=2)
 class TestLLtype(BaseLLtypeTests, LLJitMixin):
     def test_tagged(self):


         (next_entry, return_value) = func(entry)
         self.current = next_entry
         return return_value
+    next._jit_look_inside_ = True = next
     return func   # for debugging
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