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small fixes

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         compile_function(fn, [int])
     except UnionError, e:
-        assert 'function one' in e.args[2]
-        assert 'function two' in e.args[2]
+        assert 'function one' in str(e)
+        assert 'function two' in str(e)


 unsigned_ffffffff = r_ulonglong(0xffffffff)
 def llrepr_in(v):
-    if isinstance(v, r_ulonglong):
+    if r_uint is not r_ulonglong and isinstance(v, r_ulonglong):
         return "%d:%d" % (intmask(v >> 32), intmask(v & unsigned_ffffffff))
     elif isinstance(v, r_longlong):
         return "%d:%d" % (intmask(v >> 32), intmask(v & signed_ffffffff))
     except AttributeError:
+    if backendopt:
+        t.backendopt()
         if py.test.config.option.view:
             print '--- stderr ---'
             print '--------------'
-            stderr, lastline, empty = stderr.rsplit('\n', 2)
+            stderr, prevline, lastline, empty = stderr.rsplit('\n', 3)
             assert empty == ''
+            if lastline == 'Aborted':
+                lastline = prevline
             assert lastline == ('Fatal RPython error: ' +
             return None
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