Alex Gaynor  committed a3e9a53

Enable inlining into the thread module so that Lock.acquire/release have a sane calling convention

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File pypy/module/pypyjit/

                        'posix', '_socket', '_sre', '_lsprof', '_weakref',
                        '__pypy__', 'cStringIO', '_collections', 'struct',
                        'mmap', 'marshal', '_codecs', 'rctime', 'cppyy',
-                       '_cffi_backend', 'pyexpat', '_continuation', '_io']:
+                       '_cffi_backend', 'pyexpat', '_continuation', '_io',
+                       'thread']:
             if modname == 'pypyjit' and 'interp_resop' in rest:
                 return False
             return True

File pypy/module/pypyjit/test/

     from pypy.module._io.interp_bytesio import W_BytesIO
     assert pypypolicy.look_inside_function(W_BytesIO.seek_w.im_func)
+def test_thread():
+    from pypy.module.thread.os_lock import Lock
+    assert pypypolicy.look_inside_function(Lock.descr_lock_acquire.im_func)
 def test_pypy_module():
     from pypy.module._collections.interp_deque import W_Deque
     from pypy.module._random.interp_random import W_Random