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Delete unused logspaceops option

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File pypy/config/

                    # weakrefs needed, because of get_subclasses()
                    requires=[("translation.rweakref", True)]),
-        BoolOption("logspaceoptypes",
-                   "a instrumentation option: before exit, print the types seen by "
-                   "certain simpler bytecodes",
-                   default=False),
         ChoiceOption("multimethods", "the multimethod implementation to use",
                      ["doubledispatch", "mrd"],

File pypy/interpreter/

         if self.config.objspace.logbytecodes:
-        if self.config.objspace.std.logspaceoptypes:
-            for s in self.FrameClass._space_op_types:
-                print s
     def wait_for_thread_shutdown(self):
         """Wait until threading._shutdown() completes, provided the threading

File pypy/objspace/std/

         StdObjSpaceFrame.CALL_METHOD = CALL_METHOD
     if space.config.objspace.std.optimized_comparison_op:
         StdObjSpaceFrame.COMPARE_OP = fast_COMPARE_OP
-    if space.config.objspace.std.logspaceoptypes:
-        assert 0, "logspaceoptypes: a few fixes a missing here"
-        StdObjSpace._space_op_types = []
-        for name, new in get_logging():
-            setattr(StdObjSpaceFrame, name, new)
     return StdObjSpaceFrame