Maciej Fijalkowski committed a87df44

fix those tests

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     assert conf.objspace.usemodules.gc
-    conf.objspace.std.withsmallint = True
-    assert not conf.objspace.std.withprebuiltint
+    conf.objspace.std.withmapdict = True
+    assert conf.objspace.std.withmethodcache
     conf = get_pypy_config()
-    conf.objspace.std.withprebuiltint = True
-    py.test.raises(ConfigError, "conf.objspace.std.withsmallint = True")
+    conf.objspace.std.withmethodcache = False
+    py.test.raises(ConfigError, "conf.objspace.std.withmapdict = True")
 def test_conflicting_gcrootfinder():
     conf = get_pypy_config()


-Use "tagged pointers" to represent small enough integer values: Integers that
-fit into 31 bits (respective 63 bits on 64 bit machines) are not represented by
-boxing them in an instance of ``W_IntObject``. Instead they are represented as a
-pointer having the lowest bit set and the rest of the bits used to store the
-value of the integer. This gives a small speedup for integer operations as well
-as better memory behaviour.