Maciej Fijalkowski committed aa12390

I think this is the right fix for a test (it still fails, but for unrelated reasons I think)

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     def optimize_RESUME_PUT(self, op):
-        self.optimizer.resumebuilder.resume_put(op)
+        if op.getarg(0) in self.optimizer.producer:
+            self.optimizer.resumebuilder.resume_put(op)
+            # otherwise we did not emit the operation just yet
 dispatch_opt = make_dispatcher_method(OptVirtualize, 'optimize_',


             found = 0
             for op in get_stats().get_all_loops()[0]._all_operations():
                 if op.getopname() == 'guard_true':
-                    liveboxes = op.getfailargs()
-                    assert len(liveboxes) == 3
-                    for box in liveboxes:
-                        assert isinstance(box, history.BoxInt)
                     found += 1
             assert found == 2
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