Amaury Forgeot d'Arc committed ab1fa8e

Port pypy hacks to sqlite test suite.

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     def CheckAggrNoStep(self):
+        # XXX it's better to raise OperationalError in order to stop
+        # the query earlier.
         cur = self.con.cursor()
             cur.execute("select nostep(t) from test")
-  "should have raised an AttributeError")
-        except AttributeError as e:
-            self.assertEqual(e.args[0], "'AggrNoStep' object has no attribute 'step'")
+  "should have raised an OperationalError")
+        except sqlite.OperationalError as e:
+            self.assertEqual(e.args[0], "user-defined aggregate's 'step' method raised error")
     def CheckAggrNoFinalize(self):
         cur = self.con.cursor()
    really due to the tokenizer not being fully unicode aware. The
    parser can somewhat hack around this but maybe not completely
-* test_sqlite
-   (Probably easy) Ports of CPython changeset fc6f90545cb4 and PyPy
-   48d194e3ac07.
 * test_sys
 * test_threading:
    Missing sys.getswitchinterval().